Originals, Prints, Speaking & Syndication

Purchasing a Signed Original

To purchase a personalized original Gorrell cartoon, email Bob at GorrellArt@aol.com, specifying the date and topic of your desired cartoon. Originals are approximately 10 inches wide by 7 inches deep, and they are drawn on illustration board in India Ink. (Note: Originals will often include corrections and imperfections.  Some cartoons are drawing/digital hybrids, and therefore no “finished original” is available.) Cartoons are shipped unmatted.

Purchasing a Signed Print

To purchase a Gorrell cartoon print, email Bob at GorrellArt@aol.com. Prints are reproduced on 32 lb vellum, and are shipped unmatted.

Price: $35

Public Speaking

Bob Gorrell is available for presentations on editorial cartooning and current events to your civic or professional group.  Previous appearances include CNN’s Crossfire, The NPR Diane Rehm Radio Show, The National Press Foundation, The University of Virginia Center for Politics, The Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, The Virginia Association of Independent Schools, and numerous other business conferences and social organizations.

For details and rates, contact Bob Gorrell.

Syndication and Reprints

Gorrell cartoons are distributed by Creators Syndicate Inc. To obtain Gorrell cartoons for your newspaper or magazine, or to request a reprint of a Gorrell cartoon, contact Creators.com.